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How to Protect Against Digital Risks in 3 step
The attack surface of a software environment is the sum of all the distinct locations (called "attack vectors") where an unauthorized user (called an "attacker") can try to enter or extract data from the environment.
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See the passwords that you should never use for your security
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How midsize companies are vulnerable to data breaches and other cyberattacks
Midsize companies often lack the staff, expertise and expensive tools needed to defend themselves against attack, says security provider Coro.
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FBI: FatPipe VPN Zero-Day Exploited by APT for 6 Months
The bureau's flash alert said an APT has been exploiting the flaw to compromise FatPipe router clustering and load balancer products to breach targets' networks.
AI Needs to Prevent Cyberattacks, Not Just Detect Them
With cyberattacks becoming more common, many are hopeful that artificial intelligence (AI) can play a greater role in bolstering their defenses.
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