Raab threat to 'correct' court judgments 'deeply troubling', warn legal experts
Legal experts have responded with alarm to suggestions from justice secretary Dominic Raab that he will legislate to "correct" court judgements on human rights cases that go against the government.
Court orders French government to 'repair' carbon emissions overshoot
A French court has ordered the government to make up for its failure to meet its own greenhouse gas reduction targets, saying it needed to "repair" the emissions overshoots.
In re Surgisil: Boon, Burden, or Mixed Bag for Patent Applicants and Patentees?
" Surgisil appears to continue a recent trend of court decisions and academic literature focusing on the statutory phrase 'the article of manufacture' with regard to both patent prosecution and patent infringement enforcement."
Poland challenges supremacy of EU law in snub to Brussels
Polish court rules some articles of European Unions treaties unconstitutional, widening rift with Brussels.
At the Supreme Court, a Plea to Reveal Secret Surveillance Rulings
The justices will soon consider whether to hear a case arguing that the First Amendment requires disclosure of a secret court's major rulings.