Austin police officer finds shelter for abandoned dog found outside in below-freezing temperatures
Always remember your four Ps amid freezing temperatures: people, pets, plants and pipes!
What is a Lagrange point, the final destination for the James Webb Space Telescope?
The Earth-sun orbital relationship produces five Lagrange points, which scientists number L1 through L5.
Oranges with ricotta is a simple, sunny dessert to banish the winter blahs
Oranges With Rosemary Honey, Ricotta and Hazelnuts
Thousands of children living in 'unimaginable' conditions in temporary housing
Thousands of families are being forced into "unhabitable" temporary accommodation, according to a report which accused the government of failing to stop "appalling abuses" of children's human rights.
Children in London growing up in substandard housing that violates their rights, says report
T housands of children in London are growing up in substandard and uninhabitable temporary accommodation which violates their rights, a report has found.
Trains cut due to workforce shortage as MBTA also warns of winter weather delays
The Haverhill and Worcester commuter rail lines both had trains eliminated due to staffing issues.
The James Webb Space Telescope's Mission Is Unfolding As Expected
When it comes to superstitions, NASA and baseball see the world in different ways.
Lake District mountain rescue warning after 'chaotic' festive period
Mountain rescue has urged day trippers to the Lake District to properly plan their walks after an "absolutely chaotic" Christmas period and warnings of blizzards on the way.
Icy temperatures to return after 'exceptionally mild' New Year's Eve
Despite Britain heading heading for what could be the warmest New Year's Eve on record, meteorologists have predicted that normal service will resume soon after the bells, with the return of icy-cold temperatures in early January.