Cheers to the Winners of EFF's 13th Annual Cyberlaw Trivia Night
On June 17th, the best legal minds in the Bay Area gathered together for a night filled with tech law trivia-but there was a twist!
Final Days: Connect to a Brighter Internet
We've added one more day to EFF's summer membership drive! Over 900 supporters have answered the call to get the internet right by defending privacy, free speech, and innovation.
Frank Askin, Fierce Defender of Civil Liberties, Dies at 89
Frank Askin was born on Jan. 8, 1932, in Baltimore to Abraham and Rose (Mervis) Askin. His father, whose family had immigrated from Kiev, owned the tavern in Baltimore's Hotel Biltmore.
Britney Spears' Conservatorship Case: The Latest Updates
Britney Spears supporters gathering outside a Los Angeles courthouse before her June 23rd testimony.
Facial-recognition technology gets a smack in the chops from civil rights campaigners
Civil rights campaigners in the US have called on retailers to stop using facial-recognition technology amid worrying privacy concerns and fears that it could lead to people being wrongly arrested.
'Patria y Vida' - Homeland and Life - Watchwords in Cuba's Protests
CARTAGENA, Colombia - "Patria y Vida." Homeland and Life.
Quantcast Furthers Commitment to Privacy; Names New Chief Privacy Officer
At The Trade Desk, Lee served as lead privacy counsel and oversaw the company's global privacy program.
Information watchdog launches investigation into health ministers' use of private email
The Information Commissioner has launched an investigation into the "concerning" use of private email accounts at the Department of Health and Social Care.
Hong Kong's new anti-doxxing proposal could put tech companies at risk, says new letter
A new letter from a tech industry group is driving home the risks of Hong Kong's proposed anti-doxxing rules.
Victory! Biden Administration Rescinds Dangerous DHS Proposed Rule to Expand Biometrics Collection
Marking a big win for the privacy and civil liberties of immigrant communities, the Biden Administration recently rescinded a Trump-era proposed rule that would have massively expanded the collection of biometrics from people applying for an immigration benefit.