Who Killed Colin Powell?
In the past two weeks, COVID-19 has struck three well-known people. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who had been fully vaccinated, died on Monday due to complications from the virus.
Could Vice President Harris Take a Page From Nixon and Challenge the Filibuster?
Yesterday Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer held a vote in the Senate to simply open a discussion on the Freedom To Vote Act, authored by Senator Amy Klobuchar and co-authored by Senator Joe Manchin.
Sanders Rails Against John Deere Threat to Striking Workers' Health Coverage
Sen. Bernie Sanders was among the labor advocates in Congress on Tuesday who condemned reports that farm equipment manufacturer John Deere plans to force 10,000 striking workers and their families off their health insurance plans next week - a punitive measure to coerce the employees into ending their strike over what they say is an unfair contract.
Biden Announces New Reconciliation Deal That Slashes Bill Nearly in Half
President Joe Biden is trying to rally Democrats around a new reconciliation deal that would cut the topline of the Build Back Better Act by around half, and severely water down some of the bill's key proposals.
Machin Lashes Out After Sanders Condemns Obstruction of Biden Agenda
Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia lashed out Friday after a major newspaper in his home state published an op-ed by Sen. Bernie Sanders that called out Manchin's obstruction of his own party's Build Back Better reconciliation package.
Opinion | James Bond Has No Time for China
The final James Bond outing for Daniel Craig, "No Time to Die," also marks a notable milestone for Bondian geopolitics: The franchise just completed a five-movie arc with a single lead actor, and amid all the globe-trotting and intrigue you would barely know that China existed.
Top 1 Percent in US Now Have More Wealth Than Entire Middle Class Combined
As of this summer, the middle 60 percent of American earners, which economists typically categorize as the middle class, now own only 26.6 percent of the national wealth, .
Manchin and Sinema Obstruct Reconciliation With No Proposal of Their Own
After months of negotiations, Democratic leaders are signalling that the topline of the Build Back Better Act will have to come down - an outcome that conservative Democrats like Senators Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia have relentlessly campaigned for.
Poll Finds 88 Percent Support Sanders's Plan to Lower Prescription Drug Prices
On Sunday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) shared new polling that reveals overwhelming support for key elements of the Democrats' Build Back Better Act, including the senator's proposal to allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices.
Sanders Implores Whether Manchin Thinks Seniors Having Teeth Is an "Entitlement"
After months of opposition to the Build Back Better Act by conservative Democrats in Congress, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) voiced his frustration with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia), taking particular umbrage with Manchin's recent comments about the U.S. becoming an "entitlement society."