In a largely symbolic move, the Senate votes to block Biden's vaccine-or-test mandate
The Senate has voted to overturn the Biden administration's rule that large private employers must require their workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or tested, or face losing their jobs.
Judge Appoints Special Master to Review Material Seized From Project Veritas
A federal judge on Wednesday appointed a so-called special master to determine whether materials the F.B.I. seized from current and former Project Veritas employees can be used by prosecutors as evidence in their investigation into the apparent theft last year of a diary kept by President Biden's daughter.
It's 2021 and I Still Handwrite My Training Programs. Here's Why | Breaking Muscle
Programming is an art form; there's no doubt about it. A person who demonstrates sharp instincts, flexibility, and creativity in a finely-tuned program is a talented coach/trainer.
As Columbia's Endowment Grows to $14 Billion, Student Workers Demand Living Wage
In the largest strike happening right now in the United States, 3,000 student workers at New York City's Columbia University are on their fifth week of strike.
Justo Gallego, Who Built a Cathedral, Brick by Brick, Dies at 96
A former monk, he spent decades constructing a grand edifice as an act of faith and devotion, and did so almost single-handedly.
Covid: Bereaved families 'fuming' at No 10 Christmas party
Andrew Edwards' mother died at a time when family members were banned from hospital bedsides due to restrictions.
CAFC Upholds PTAB Ruling for Corcept, Finding Teva Failed to Show a Reasonable Expectation of Success
"Teva was required to prove a reasonable expectation of success in achieving the specific invention claimed, a 600 mg dosage."
Marian political science faculty and alumni fight for program
Marian University in Indianapolis is closing its political science program and laying off the program's last remaining tenured professor, an expert in U.S. government.
Scholz's team: key players in Germany's new government
Olaf Scholz is set to become Germany s new chancellor on Wednesday at the head of a three-party coalition government, ending the 16-year era of outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel Scholz will lead a 17-member Cabinet with one more minister than Merkel's, made up of nine men and eight women.