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Code your Astro.build website faster with Stylify CSS | Stylify CSS
Code your Astro.buildwebsite faster with Stylify CSS.Use CSS-like utilities.Don't study CSS framework.Style your Astro.buildwebsite quickly and easily with Stylify CSS CSS-like utilities.Introduction
Stylify is a library that uses CSS-like selectors to generate optimized utility-first CSS based on what you write.
Flutter App Development Company | Hire Flutter Developer
We turn your complex business ideas into easy-to-use, real-world, highly scalable cross-platform Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop apps across all the digital platforms through flutter app development services.
Intro to Micro Front Ends
Architecting micro-frontends can be challenging.The right micro-frontends approach can provide many benefits for organizations.But the poorly architected system can sometimes lead to many critical issues (performance, complexity, big cognitive load).In this talk, I will explore how we can keep micro frontends simple with the help of Module Federation and enable independent release flows in modern web applications.
Getting started with RegexBuilder on Swift - LogRocket Blog
There is an old adage about the regular expression: "Some people, when confronted with a problem, think 'I know, I'll use regular expressions.'Now they have two problems."It's a testament to how messy and complicated regular expression is.This is where the Swift language version 5.7's RegexBuilder shines.
Java vs. JavaScript: A Complete Comparison | Treehouse Blog
The programming languages Java and JavaScript may sound similar, but they're not actually related to each other at all.In fact, it's often said that the name 'JavaScript' was a marketing tactic to take advantage of Java's popularity.Although both Java and JavaScript are very popular, one may be more suitable than the other for different types of software development projects.
Comparing Wayne.js with Express.js for service worker routing - LogRocket Blog
In this article, we will describe how to export a simple REST API from Express.js to Wayne.js.We won't just change a framework; we'll translate from the cloud paradigm to the edge paradigm.Express.js is a simple web server designed to accommodate a REST API, and, on a smaller scale, it reproduces the concept of having the workload of the REST API executed on a server in a cloud setting.
Exploring competitive features in Node.js v18 and v19 - LogRocket Blog
Node.js has been a popular JavaScript runtime since its release in 2009.But the advent of two new runtimes, Deno and Bun, has brought a lot of hype for the new features they present in contrast to Node.From afar, it may seem like Node.js is stagnating and nothing exciting is happening - but the reality is different.
How to Convert a String to an Array with JavaScript - Stack Diary
In this tutorial, we will look at four different ways to convert strings into arrays using JavaScript.Those ways include split(), Object.assign,Spread, and Array.frommethods.split()
To convert a string to an array with JavaScript, you can use the split() method.This method takes a delimiter string as an argument and returns an array of substrings.
McDVOICE Survey helps you to win exciting rewards for taking part in McDonald's survey website www.mcdvoice.com.Been to McDonald's lately and feel the urge to describe your experience.Well, to some services, the feedback system is just a formality but not for the McD.This is why they are offering the opportunity to provide a proper survey in terms of feedback from their customers.
- Top End Devs
Each encounter teaches us a lesson.Every setback is a victory.What Can You Do To Take Control Of Your Career?Chuck and Subrat join the show as Chuck takes the lead in sharing his past work experiences and his inspiring journey towards his road to success.He also talks about his current plans for Top End Devs such as conferences, book clubs, meetups, and many more!
Simple & Full-featured jQuery Pagination System - Pagination.js
Pagination.js is a robust, highly customizable & styleable, jQuery based pagination system for your long content to improve webpage readability.Features:

     Supports local data or remote data via Ajax request.Customizable pagination text and numbers.Fully styleable via CSS.Tons of options/methods/events to meet your actual needs.