Amazon Pays for High School Class About How to Be an Amazon Grunt
Amazon is quietly funding high school classes that teach students how to work at Amazon, in a California county where it's already the largest employer.
Bad News: Scientists Say Eating Too Many Edibles May Make Your Balls Shrivel Up
Eating edibles may be better for your lungs than smoking - but it could also have adverse effects on your testicles, a new study suggests.
This tiny home composed of two shipping containers is designed for off-grid living - Yanko Design
The Mansfield Container House is an L-shaped tiny home composed of two disused shipping containers that merge together to form a tiny, off-grid cabin.
A Derelict SpaceX Rocket Is About to Crash Into the Moon
Talk about a long, strange trip.
An old SpaceX rocket stage is about to reach its final destination after a roughly six year journey - by crashing into the Moon in spectacular fashion.
The Crypto Crash Has Destroyed a Trillion Dollars in Wealth
Downward Spiral
Scientists Discover Black Hole That's Creating Stars Instead of Devouring Them
Let's Be Friends
Not all black holes are the destructive monsters they're often made out to be, according to new research done with the Hubble Space Telescope.
Bitcoin Is Down Really, Really Bad
London Bridge
Bitcoin continues to tumble down, down, down.
A solar-powered weighing scale concept to help save the lives of babies in remote communities - Yanko Design
It's easy to take for granted simple things like keeping track of our weight.
A Mass Extinction Has Already Started, Scientists Say
Apocalypse Squad