Vigil held for Elijah Lewis, young boy who went missing and was later found dead
Participants of the vigil in Merrimack's Watson Park lit candles and listened to MJ Morrison, an aunt of Lewis' oldest brother, memorializing Lewis and his love for the color blue.
Orient unveil memorial to WW1 dead
Leyton Orient have become the first English football club to commemorate their fallen from World War One with their own memorial.
'Never sold a painting in his life - but died worth $100m': the incredible story of Boris Lurie
e never sold a painting in his life, lived in hovels, yet died worth about $100m," says Anthony Williams, chairman of the Boris Lurie Art Foundation, at a press preview for Boris Lurie: Nothing to Do but Try.
Town Rattled by Bow-and-Arrow Killings Ponders Terrorism and Mental Illness
The police in Norway, initially pointing to Islamic extremism, now say an attacker was "not well, mentally."
Tunisians Recall Revolution Reluctantly, if at All: 'It Just Faded Away'
When a monument to those killed in the 2011 uprising was recently damaged, few took notice or even cared in a town, and country, where there is now more regret than a wish to remember.
Debi Coleman, who contributed heavily to Oregon's tech sector growth, dies at age 69
Debi Coleman, who became one of the Portland tech sector's best-known and most-respected investors, has died.
Pyramid Atlantic Art Center celebrates 40 years of art-making with the exhibition 'Reflecting Back to the Future'
We typically view art in sterile, tidy galleries - far from the studios and workshops where it's made.
Germany's Merkel, Israel's PM Bennett differ on Iran, Palestine
Merkel says Berlin remains committed to reviving the international nuclear deal with Iran as well as a two-state solution in Palestine.
Toronto-educated philosopher and critical race theory pioneer Charles W. Mills dies at 70 | CBC News
Charles Wade Mills, a Toronto-educated philosopher known for his critique of liberalism and race, died of cancer on Sept. 20 in Evanston, Illinois.
Abdulrazak Gurnah: where to start with the Nobel prize winner
or more than three decades, Abdulrazak Gurnah has been writing with a quiet and unwavering conviction about those relegated to the forgotten corners of history.