Mother of murdered sisters says Met's apology for failings too late
The mother of two murdered sisters rejected the Metropolitan police's apology over failings in how it responded when they were initially reported missing, calling the force "incompetent and reprehensible".
Metropolitan police to apologise to family of murdered sisters
The Metropolitan police will apologise to the family of two murdered sisters for the way it responded when they were reported missing in north London.
Met Police to apologise to family of murdered sisters
The Met Police will issue an apology to a family of Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry for the way it responded when the sisters were reported for missing in Wembley last year.
These are the five articles you read in artificial intelligence hell
The devil went down to Silicon Valley; he was looking for a soul to steal. But he ended up taking a consulting gig with Palantir instead.
Supreme Court to decide if Peter Khill should face new trial for fatal shooting of Indigenous man Jon Styres | CBC News
The Supreme Court of Canada is set to release its decision today on whether a Hamilton-area homeowner initially acquitted after shooting and killing an Indigenous man in 2016 should face a new trial.
County DA Pilots Race-Blind Charging Algorithm
The Yolo County, CA, District Attorney's (DA) Office has incorporated a redaction algorithm developed by the Stanford Computational Policy Laboratory (SCPL) into its digital case management system to analyze racial bias in charging decisions.
Sick And Premature Babies Get Worse Care Because Of Race, Study Suggests
Hispanic infants and other minority children may be getting inferior care at neonatal intensive care units, a new study suggests.
Police officer racially profiled Black school worker during stop and search
A Black school worker has welcomed the police watchdog's ruling that he was racially profiled during a police stop and search in May 2020.
Senate Democrats call on FTC to fix data privacy 'crisis'
Senate Democrats are calling on the Federal Trade Commission to write new rules to protect consumer data privacy in a new letter to the agency authored on Monday.
A Dad is Suing a Michigan Teacher, Staff For Giving His Daughter a Haircut
The story of Jurnee, a 7-year-old biracial girl in Michigan who had her hair cut at school by a teacher without her parents' permission, went viral a few months ago due to widespread outrage in response to what happened to the daughter.