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Biden Announces New Reconciliation Deal That Slashes Bill Nearly in Half
President Joe Biden is trying to rally Democrats around a new reconciliation deal that would cut the topline of the Build Back Better Act by around half, and severely water down some of the bill's key proposals.
Anatomy of a progressive tyranny over parents that will shock you
For months, widespread parent-led uprisings against school boards have pitted everyday mothers and fathers against powerful political bureaucracies.
Biden meets with Democrats, little progress on big-spending bill
Democratic members of Congress trooped to the White House Tuesday in the latest effort to hammer out an agreement on a multitrillion-dollar social spending bill they are trying to enact without Republican support.
Jayapal vows infrastructure, reconciliation bills will pass following talks
Leader of the House Progressive Caucus Pramila Jayapal vowed this week that both the bipartisan infrastructure package and the massive hotly debated reconciliation bill, otherwise known as the "human infrastructure" package, will pass in Congress - but stopped short of providing a timeline.
Electionpalooza: SF School board recall will kick off a flurry of local races - The San Francisco Examiner
Electionpalooza: SF School board recall will kick off a flurry of local races
'It's going to be a lot of elections and a lot of decisions for voters to make'
Analysis | What Greg Abbott and Gavin Newsom Sadly Have in Common
Greg Abbott of Texas and Gavin Newsom of California are about as far apart on the political spectrum as two governors can be.
Supreme Court commission talks positively of shorter terms
A commission tasked with studying potential changes to the Supreme Court released a first look Thursday night at its review, a draft report that is cautious in discussing proposals for expanding the court but also speaks approvingly of term limits for justices.
Poll: Kyrsten Sinema Would Lose to Progressive Challengers If Primary Were Now
New polling by Data for Progress suggests that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona) would lose her primary to progressive challengers if it were held now instead of 2024.
Framing Bitcoin For Progressives
What Is Bitcoin?
At its core, Bitcoin is a digital store of value that enables everyone in the world to coalesce around a singular monetary system.