7 DevOps Tools You Need To Learn Now
This tool is one of the best things I have encountered in my whole career as a DevOps engineer.
I was literally frustrated when it comes to managing Docker on bare metals servers or even on EC2.
PyDev of the Week: Tonya Sims - Mouse Vs Python
This week we welcome Tonya Sims (@TonyaSims) as our PyDev of the Week! Tonya is a Python Developer Advocate for Vonage and is an active member of the Real Python community.
What is coding and what is it used for? A beginner's guide | ZDNet
Coding makes it possible to access and interact with websites -- even this one. But how does coding work?
Python for Data Engineering: Why Do Data Engineers Use Python?
Data engineering in the cloud
Everyday challenges facing data engineers are similar to the ones facing data scientists.
3 Time-Saving Python Tricks
Photo by Justin Veenema on Unsplash Programming in the Pythonic Way made me 1.8X faster than others.
Top trending coding language used this year for web development
If you're new to software development, the most difficult element of learning programming is figuring out where to start.
Currency Calculations in JavaScript
One of the most curious things about modern programming languages is that when someone decides to create a new one, lots of thinking about the accepted data types and internal auxiliary libraries takes place.
PyDev of the Week: Nikita Sobolev - Mouse Vs Python
This week we welcome Nikita Sobolev (@sobolevn) as our PyDev of the Week! Nikita is the founder of wemake.services. Nikita also writes a technical blog that you should check out.
Python 101 - Documenting Your Code - Mouse Vs Python
Documenting your code early on is quite a bit more important than most new developers realize.
GitHub - pipelinit/pipelinit-cli: Automatically generates pipelines for your project.
Detects the stack of your project and automatically creates a fully working pipeline configuration for multiple continous integration (CI) platforms (currently supporting GitHub Actions).