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Los Angeles Times
4 months ago

After losing a world champion boxer's pension records, California finally admits error

Former boxer Paul Banke was owed a pension from California but was repeatedly told he didn't qualify until the records were found.
California State Athletic Commission lost Banke's pension records and voted to pay him a lump sum of $21,000 based on the average payout to boxers. [ more ]
5 months ago

Serial rapist and former police officer David Carrick will be stripped of his pension

Former police officer David Carrick will lose 65% of his pension, the maximum legally allowed.
Efforts to strip Carrick of his pension were supported by Mayor of London and former Home Secretary Suella Braverman. [ more ]
New York Post
5 months ago
New York City

Widower bilks $781K in pension payments sent to long-dead teacher wife: probe

A widower in Queens received over $781,000 in pension payments meant for his deceased wife over an 18-year period before being caught.
The Teachers' Retirement System (TRS) has been unable to recover the stolen funds, making it one of the most egregious cases of undeserved payments. [ more ]
6 months ago
US politics

Rudy Giuliani Regrets Not Filing For NYC Pension, Former New York Mayor Bankrupt After $148M Ruling

Rudy Giuliani has filed for bankruptcy after being found liable for defamation against two Georgia election workers.
Giuliani could have been in better financial shape if he had filed for a government pension after leaving office. [ more ]
Chicago Tribune
6 months ago
Chicago Blackhawks

Afternoon Briefing: Why you may be delayed at Midway

Good afternoon, Chicago.
6 months ago
Europe politics

Hidden victims of the UK's cruel visa rule plans | Letters

The Reunite Families group plans to take legal action against the new minimum income requirement of 38,700 for spouse and family visas (Report, 17 December), which the government has now said it will phase in, with the threshold first rising to 29,000 (Report, 21 December).
My Life, I Guess
1 month ago
Remote teams

The Top 10 Work Perks Employees Actually Want

Employees value meaningful work perks beyond superficial benefits like pizza parties. [ more ]
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