Podcast: Our Masters of Disasters break down the fierce drought
Today we launch Drought Week, a five-part series looking at how water shortages across the West are profoundly changing life.
Stonehenge could lose world heritage status following Liverpool
Stonehenge could be the next historical UK site to lose its UNESCO World Heritage status.
Seeing more garbage at Ontario parks? A new campaign is trying to change that | CBC News
After a dramatic rise in the number of people using Ontario's parks during the pandemic, the province and the federal government are teaming up to launch #ForTheLoveOfParks - a campaign to encourage visitors to abide by the rules and to keep sites clean.
Good Afternoon, News: College Student Wins Vaccine Lottery, Vax That Thang Up, and How to Poop in the Woods
The Mercury provides news and fun every single day-but your help is essential.
Friendship Between A Woman And A Fox Leads To Transformation In 'Fox & I'
Fox & I: An Uncommon Friendship, by Catherine Raven Spiegel & Grau In an isolated mountain valley in Montana, Catherine Raven and a wild red fox meet, take each other's measure, and gradually become friends.
Rumpus Original Poetry: Three Poems by Marianne Boruch
Rumpus Original Poetry: Three Poems by Marianne Boruch
because so much can be grafted though mostly my own hip or back will do.
What we eat at the beach
SANTA MONICA, Calif. - The unmistakable, unquestionable champion meal of summer is the grill-out spread: burgers, hot dogs, skewers, corn on the cob, watermelon, cherry pie - even potato salad - served everywhere from suburban backyards to urban rooftops to national parks and remote campsites.
Where did Sierra snow go this spring? Not into California rivers and water supplies
California's severe drought was made worse this year by a shocking surprise.
Every year, much of the drinking water that flows through the taps of millions of Californians begins in the Sierra Nevada.
Farm plan poses 'catastrophic' threat to Zambian park vital for fruit bats
Plans to create a huge commercial farm next to a national park in Zambia could have a "catastrophic" impact on wildlife, conservationists have warned, threatening vital habitat for bats undertaking the world's biggest mammal migration.
5 ways to work more productively if you're on the road this summer
When I lost my little brother to cancer in 2009, it felt like a piece inside of me broke. I remember being interviewed on a local TV station shortly after he passed.