'It's silly and it makes no sense': Schools affected by TikTok 'devious lick' challenge
INDIANAPOLIS Several central Indiana school districts are reporting damage and some have closed bathrooms as the "devious lick" challenge spreads across TikTok.
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The Braves are trying to back their way into the playoffs
When I was in middle school, I was the funniest kid in my chess club. It wasn't a high bar to clear. I've thought about that a few times this season.
DiDi Richards' Journey is a Testament to Her Strength and Resiliency | SLAM
One hand full of thick honey blonde curls pulled up on the right, check. The left side, check.
CBS3 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Haverford Township Middle School Parents Concerned After Mechanical Issue On School Bus Led To Antifreeze Leak
HAVERFORD TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) CBS3 is getting an exclusive look at the chaos that unfolded on a botched school bus ride in Delaware County on Tuesday.
TikTok is hiding a viral challenge that has kids stealing their school's soap dispensers
It's back to school season and on TikTok, that means students are inexplicably stealing everything that isn't bolted down.
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Blaire, 36, foundation director, Minneapolis
I stopped drinking when I got pregnant about two and a half years ago.
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