Get Covid and live longer? No, it doesn't work like that
ccording to the BBC, on 15 October, the prime minister allegedly sent a WhatsApp message: "I must say I have been rocked by some of the data on Covid fatalities.
U.S. Life Expectancy Fell To Lowest In Almost 20 Years; Dropped Year And A Half In 2020 Due To COVID-19 -CDC - Towleroad Gay News
By Dania Nadeem
US Sees Steepest Single-Year Decline in Life Expectancy Since World War II
New Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention data out Wednesday shows that life expectancy in the U.S. fell by one and a half years in 2020, a decline fueled in large part by the deadly coronavirus pandemic. 1
Other factors contributing to the decline in life expectancy last year, according to the CDC, were drug overdoses, homicide, diabetes, and chronic liver disease and cirrhosis. 1
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Last Year Saw the Biggest Drop in U.S. Life Expectancy Since WWII | KQED
The increase in drug overdose deaths was also a factor in declining life expectancy. More than 93,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2020. That's the highest number reported in a single year.
Terrifying infographic is here to show you how long you have left
Infographics can be useful, fascinating, and, as we've now discovered, downright terrifying.
Boris Johnson said 'hardly anyone under 60 goes into hospital' six months after Covid put PM in intensive care
Boris Johnson claimed that "hardly anyone under 60 goes into hospital" with coronavirus, Whatsapp messages shared by his former adviser Dominic Cummings suggest, despite the prime minister having been admitted to hospital himself last spring after catching the virus at the age of 55.
UK food supply chain vulnerable to cyber-attack, expert warns
Britain's food supply is highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks, a leading food expert has warned, saying greater emphasis on domestic production would boost the UK's food security.
Rishi Sunak: 20 universal credit top-up always temporary
Campaigners say the payments, worth around £1,000 a year, have stopped some from falling into poverty.
Macron to restart discussions over France's controversial pension reforms
The aim of the meeting is to "discuss solutions to the great challenges", including "building strong and sustainable growth", "promoting the economy's green transition", and "preparing for demographic challenges", the Elysée told AFP, but it's the topic of pension reform that is already garnering the most attention.