New whistleblower claims Facebook allowed hate, illegal activity to go unchecked
A new whistleblower affidavit submitted by a former Facebook employee Friday alleges that the company prizes growth and profits over combatting hate speech, misinformation and other threats to the public, according to a copy of the document obtained by The Washington Post.
Driver's seat wasn't empty in fatal Tesla crash, NTSB says
DETROIT (AP) - A driver was behind the wheel during a Tesla's fatal crash, though emergency responders said nobody was in the driver's seat when they arrived at the scene, a federal investigation has determined.
Five police officers face hearings over messages about Sarah Everard case
Five police officers from four forces will face disciplinary procedures after separate investigations by a watchdog into social media messages related to Wayne Couzens, the killer of Sarah Everard.
Congress Is Now Getting Involved in the Washington Football Team Investigation
The investigation into the workplace culture of the Washington Football Team has made it to Congress.
Dog walker's face swells after she accidentally brushed against a toxic plant
A dog walker's face swelled to twice the size and she was covered in enormous boils after she accidently brushed against a toxic plant.
Afghan journalists lament bleak' future for media under Taliban
New regime forces exodus of journalists from Afghanistan where a free press was one of the few real gains of Western occupation.
Congress is getting involved in the Washington Football Team's toxic workplace investigation
The investigation into the Washington Football Team 's toxic workplace was supposed to turn out a lot different.
Kurz affair forces Austria to look in the mirror
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Parliament's Victorian walls and ceilings are crumbling
Parliament's walls and ceilings are crumbling so badly experts spent thousands of hours surveying cracks and defects around the decrepit Victorian stonework.