Malicious npm Code Packages Built for Hijacking Discord Servers
The lurking code-bombs lift Discord tokens from users of any applications that pulled the packages into their code bases.
Cyclists hit back at claim new lanes are to blame for London congestion
An increase in cycle lanes during the coronavirus pandemic has been blamed for London becoming the world's most congested city.
CI/CD In Basic Terms
In current development methods and DevOps, the acronyms CI and CD are often employed.
Bruno Baietto creates symbolic vases by blowing glass inside bread
Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Bruno Baietto hopes to highlight the role of bread as a symbol of class, politics and religion, by using it to shape blown glass.
London congestion: Cycle lanes blamed as city named most congested
Drivers in the capital will lose an average of 148 hours stuck in jams across the whole of 2021, according to traffic information supplier Inrix.
Cycle lanes blamed as London becomes world's most congested city
A n increase in cycle lanes during the coronavirus pandemic contributed to London becoming the world's most congested city, according to new analysis.
Achim Borchardt-Hume obituary
Visitors to Tate Modern have been captivated in equal measure by Anicka Yi's translucent squid-like "aerobe" machines, floating through the cavernous Turbine Hall, and Rodin's exquisite plaster casts of arms, legs and bodies exhibited in the galleries upstairs.
Carrie Mae Weems Sets the Stage and Urges Action
In "The Shape of Things" at the Park Avenue Armory, the artist tells us how we got to this political moment, and asks us to decide what comes next.
How to switch Node.js versions with NVM - LogRocket Blog
When tech evolves, especially in development, versioning issues can arise.
$1.5 Million Homes in California
A Colonial Revival home in Sacramento, a two-bedroom apartment in San Francisco and a 1948 ranch house in Altadena.