Better JIT Support for Auto-Generated Python Code
Performance Cliffs
Miami Heat: 3 small trades to improve depth this season
Trading is one of the most common pathways to improvement in the NBA. If the Miami Heat want to effectively compete for a title this season, they may choose to make some moves around the deadline.
Ron Rivera harps on positives but can't ignore Washington's persistent mistakes
The good news, according to Ron Rivera, is that the Washington Football Team's thrilling (if sloppy) win over the New York Giants on Thursday night showed glimmers of resilience, a hallmark of the team's 2020 season.
Demand Curve: How to get social proof that grows your startup
When people are uncertain, they look to others for behavioral guidance.
Boston Celtics: Pros and cons of adding Zach LaVine
The Boston Celtics have set themselves up to be in a boatload of rumors next offseason, specifically pertaining to All-Star caliber players entering free agency.
How does Talen Horton-Tucker compare to the best under-25 talent in the West?
Gone are the days of unskilled Large Men carving out NBA careers solely based upon their ability to gobble up space.
Advanced Techniques for Fine-tuning Transformers
Transformer word clouds generated with Python codes.
Image by author ransformers Hello and we're meeting again.
We have a date, aren't we, RoBERTa?
Dell study finds most organizations don't think they can recover from a ransomware attack
Sixty-seven percent lack confidence in their ability to recover business-critical data, which is troubling given that the amount of data businesses manage has grown by more than 10x since 2016.
Manchester City v Southampton: 4 Questions with Saint Mary's Musings
After a thrilling opening salvo in the UEFA Champions League group stage, City have turned their attention back to the Premier League. This week the Blues play host to Southampton.
What Does Facebook's Blenderbot 2.0 Mean for the Future of AI?
Facebook has had a hand in artificial intelligence (AI) development since its early stages. Think back to photo tagging on Facebook.