Monads and Functors: Functional Programming
This article aims to cover fundamental concepts of functional programming.
Applescript: How to open a PDF in Preview and go directly to a page
I'm currently generating my new book on "functional programming in Scala" as a PDF using a combination of Pandoc and LaTeX, and as a result it feels like I'm opening the same PDF file about 100 times a day.
Thinking With Types
This is the first page of a short series of articles that I've titled, Thinking With Types.
The TL;DR summary
Thinking With Types: Summary
When I began this article I showed that these were the two most complicated type declarations I found in over 150,000 lines of production Java code:
Tree shaking and code splitting in webpack - LogRocket Blog
What is tree shaking?
Tree shaking, also known as dead code elimination, is the practice of removing unused code in your production build.
Scala Cookbook: A great geek gift idea
As this image shows, as of September 14, 2021, the Scala Cookbook is still a #1 new release in both the object-oriented programming (OOP) and functional programming (FP) categories.