Editorial: Mandate vaccines for all eligible Bay Area students
Bay Area health officers should follow the lead of Contra Costa County public health officer Dr. Chris Farnitano and recommend school districts mandate vaccinations for all eligible students.
AzureFunBytes Episode 55 - Programming for Accessibility with @rorypreddy
AzureFunBytes is a weekly opportunity to learn more about the fundamentals and foundations that make up Azure.
Parents of Students With Disabilities Try to Make Up for Lost Year
In New York City, hundreds of thousands of students with disabilities didn't receive special education services during remote learning.
Caleb Bell is deaf, blind and nonverbal.
Central Texas Food Bank partnering with Austin Public Health, Amazon to deliver food to Austin-Travis County residents
The Austin Public Health Neighborhood Service unit and Amazon are partnering with the food bank to make this happen.
AUSTIN, Texas - The Central Texas Food Bank is expanding its home delivery program.
Ortiz: We need police-free schools - San Jose Spotlight
Safety is the top concern of any parent with children in our community. When I became a mom I finally understood that protective "mama bear" instinct that everyone kept talking about.
EXPLAINED: What you need to know about getting a top-up Covid jab in Germany
In August, the Federal Health Ministry announced that it would be rolling out booster shoots for people in need of addition immune protection for autumn.
Dennis Billups: he helped lead a long, fiery sit-in - and changed disabled lives
y mother used to tell us we had to be really good," says Dennis Billups. "There were always two strikes against us - so you had to hit the third strike out of the park."
Miami judge says parents of students with disabilities must work through schools on masks
A federal judge in Miami Wednesday declined to block Gov. Ron DeSantis' ban on public school mask mandates, saying the parents of students with disabilities who sued the governor had not exhausted all remedies at their schools to accommodate their children's needs before bringing the case to court.
Federal judge in Texas rules against disability rights group in lawsuit over mask mandates
A federal judge sided with Gov. Greg Abbott during a hearing Wednesday.
Former Georgetown Tennis Coach Agrees to Plead Guilty in Admissions Scandal
Gordon Ernst was accused of taking bribes to designate at least 12 students as recruits, including some who did not play tennis competitively.