The Strategic Singlehood of Black Women
The number and proportion of people living single has been on the rise for decades, both in the U.S. and around the world.
'Manifesto' is a story of dreams made real by never giving up
In a 1973 review of Nobel Prize-winning writer Toni Morrison's Sula, New York Times critic Sara Blackburn wrote: "Toni Morrison is far too talented to remain only a marvelous recorder of the black side of provincial American life.
Dad and rapper Fyutch teaches the Black history he never learned in school
Rapper Fyütch is teaching Black history through hip-hop music and spoken-word poetry.
In a new episode of Craig Melvin's " Dads Got This!"
Breathing Room: What Are You Streaming? - emptywheel
I don't know about you but I have the sense things are about to snowball, and I don't mean because there's a lot of the white stuff out on my lawn.
Meet Chyrstyn Fentroy, Boston Ballet's new principal dancer
"One of the most exciting parts about being promoted is that I can represent something larger than myself."
Cancer mortality rates continue to decline amid 'major progress' in lung cancer early detection and treatment
(CNN)Cancer mortality rates have been dropping for nearly two decades, aided by "major progress" in the early detection and treatment options for lung cancer, according to the American Cancer Society's annual report on cancer statistics, published Wednesday.
Maya Angelou Becomes First Black Woman on a Quarter
The coins featuring the writer and poet, which began shipping this week, are the first in a series that will commemorate female pioneers in a variety of fields.
Why Do Women Gain Belly Fat in Midlife?
And is there any way to target it through diet or exercise?
Credit... Aileen Son for The New York Times
UCSF Grand Rounds: Dr. Camara Phyllis Jones on "confronting racism denial, naming racism, and moving to action"
Pushing Covid-19 Grand Rounds to next week, UCSF Chair of Medicine Dr. Bob Wachter welcomed Dr. Camara Phyllis Jones who said Thursday that anti-racism is a "legitimate medical intervention."
Women with ovarian cancer waiting longer for treatment than other patients
Women who have ovarian cancer are enduring longer waiting times for life-saving treatment than other cancer patients, new research has found.