Vatican-backed sex abuse research institute expands mandate
The Catholic Church's foremost research institute studying sexual abuse of minors is expanding its mandate to also include the sexual and spiritual abuse of adults, evidence of the Vatican s increasing awareness that children aren't the only victims of clergy who abuse their power and authority.
Christopher Columbus statue smattered in red paint in London's Belgrave Square
Four people were arrested on suspicion of committing vandalism.
Mary Beard: 'Virgil was a radical rap artist of the first century BC'
My earliest reading memory When I was about four, my mother read me Beatrix Potter 's The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit.
Why Do Some Babies Look So Serious All the Time?
My two-month-old just started smiling, and her grins are infectious. But they're scientifically confusing. Did she pick it up from watching us smile at her? Probably not. Blind babies smile, too.
Why is Modern Marriage So Hard? - Sex and Psychology
October 6, 2021 by Justin Lehmiller
Is marriage harder now than it was in the past? Are we expecting too much from our spouses today?
Want to Get Into Cheese? These Books Can Help. | Wine Enthusiast
If you've ever looked at a cheese counter and felt a mix of excitement and overwhelm, you're not alone. Learning about cheese is a delicious task, but also a formidable one.
Belgian Beers Have Been Around for Centuries, But Can They Survive the IPA Era? | Wine Enthusiast
In Belgium, monks and nuns have brewed beer for centuries.
Rhodes sticks with invitation to Peter Singer
Rhodes College's philosophy department hosted a conversation with controversial bioethicist Peter Singer Wednesday, as planned, despite opposition to the event from faculty members from several other programs.
1,400 Dolphins Were Killed in Faroe Islands. Even Hunting Supporters Were Upset.
Graphic images of the animals raised ire among activists, and some locals said the killings undermined the work of whale hunters who follow a centuries-old tradition that helps feed local people.
Judith Hanna obituary
During her 30 years of working for a range of campaigning bodies and NGOs, my wife, Judith Hanna, who has died aged 67 of liver cancer, saw concern about the environment go from a fringe issue for community activists to a mainstream subject with a professionalised career structure.