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LA Lakers
Previewing an awkward Lakers media day
But that inevitably never came true and the Lakers head into Monday's media day in an awkward situation of having to explain a summer of attempted trades.All of this overshadows Darvin Ham's first media day as a head coach.On this week's episode of "Can U Dig It," a podcast by the Silver Screen & Roll network, I'm joined by Raj Chipalu to preview Monday's media day and the questions they'll have to navigate.Because of all of those unsuccessful attempts at trades, general manager Rob Pelinka will also have to answer some questions about his failures to improve the team as he vowed to do earlier in the offseason.
LA Lakers
What college sports could LeBron James excel at?
But what sports could LeBron successfully play at the college level?Without question, LeBron James is one of the greatest athletes ever, no qualifiers needed.Track There isn't one event that I think LeBron would dominate at, necessarily, but that could be where he'd succeed.In theory, LeBron would have been an incredible football player in his prime.It would depend on how much of a step back he's taken athletically, but could you imagine LeBron flying in from the outside and smashing one down the line?