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Moon wobble to bring surge in coastal flooding in 2030s, NASA study predicts
The reason for this expected surge is tied to the moon's 18.6-year cycle. 1
The wobble isn't new -- it was first reported in 1728. 1
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What is the EU's plan to tackle global heating - and will it work?
One analysis has suggested the commission proposals could add an extra €429 to average household energy bills, and €373 increase in driving costs. 1
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COP26 climate summit president says progress made, but not enough
Alok Sharma said that the countries aligned more closely on climate issues but on some key matters they were "not yet close enough".
Governments must agree to end use of coal power, says UK's Cop26 president
Governments around the world must agree to end the use of coal power to avoid the worst ravages of climate breakdown, the UK's president of vital UN climate talks has said.
Clouds May Speed Up Global Warming
One of the most fundamental questions about climate change is also one of the thorniest: How much, exactly, will the Earth warm in response to future greenhouse gas emissions?
Climate Scientists Meet as Dangerous Fires, Floods, and Droughts Test the World | KQED
Here are three things to watch for.
The new report will be the most comprehensive, detailed and accurate picture of the global climate ever released.
New Tech Turns Plastic Waste Into Food
Heaps and heaps of plastic garbage are choking the planet.
'Record-shattering' heat becoming much more likely, says climate study
"Record-shattering" heatwaves, even worse than the one that recently hit north-west America, are set to become much more likely in future, according to research.
'What can we do?' Chinese discuss role of climate crisis in deadly floods
t about 5pm last Tuesday, as heavy rainfall continued to pound her apartment building in Zhengzhou, the climate policy researcher Zhang Jin headed out to her local supermarket.
Coastal Landfills Are No Match for Rising Seas
Fae Saulenas knows that before long she'll have to abandon the place she's called home for decades.