Climate, Covid and Biden's Challenged Credibility Underline U.N.'s Big Week
The United Nations General Assembly session, the world's biggest diplomatic convocation, will commandeer attention with a lineup of leader speeches starting Tuesday.
COVID booster use may be expanded, US health officials say
FDA advisory body this week recommended coronavirus booster shots for people over age 65 and those at high risk.
Slow but steady has seen the EU win out in the vaccine race
We did it," said Ursula von der Leyen in her annual state of the union address last week.
Will the FDA Approve COVID Boosters? Here's What to Expect
In mid-August, the Biden administration announced that they, alongside government medical officials, recommended booster shots for people who were already fully vaccinated against COVID-19
Elderly in Spanish care homes to receive third dose of Covid-19 vaccine
Those in care homes to be given third dose of Covid-19 vaccine. Photo: MIGUEL RIOPA / AFP
African public health experts call for the U.N. General Assembly to speed the delivery of vaccines.
As world leaders prepared to gather at the United Nations General Assembly, African public health experts called on Thursday for action to speed up delivery of Covid-19 vaccines to their continent, where according to the World Health Organization, only 3.6 percent of people have been fully inoculated against the disease so far.
Indonesia quells COVID, but is a new wave on the way?
Daily cases and deaths have dropped sharply in Jakarta and Java, but experts say limited testing and contact tracing have allowed the virus to surge elsewhere in the archipelago.
Increasing investments in mental health benefits everyone
September 15, 2021- Shekhar Saxena, professor of the practice of global mental health at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, was a consultant for a new website called Vital Signs: The Campaign to Prevent Physician Suicide through his work with #FirstRespondersFirst.
Russia slams New York's vaccine requirement for UN general assembly
All diplomats attending the UN general assembly in New York next week will have to provide proof of vaccination, the city government has confirmed prompting an angry reponse from Russia.
North and Central America are driving a hemispheric coronavirus surge, the W.H.O. says.
While the spread of new coronavirus cases is steady or slowing in many parts of the world, it is accelerating in the Western Hemisphere, where new case reports rose by 20 percent in the past week, the World Health Organization warned on Wednesday.