New rose named after one of UK's first documented black gardeners
One of Britain's first known black gardeners has been honoured with a rose named after him in celebration of his life.
Spanish Court Agrees to Extradite Former Venezuela Spy Chief to U.S.
MADRID - Spain's highest criminal court agreed on Wednesday to extradite Venezuela's former intelligence chief, Hugo Carvajal, to the United States, where he faces drug trafficking charges, according to a court statement.
Bangers and Mash Are Still Bangin' at Tea & Sympathy
Going back to colonial times, English food has exerted a seminal influence on New York City's gastronomy, with its puddings, overcooked roasts, tea sandwiches, and mountains of mashed potatoes.
Who Killed African Icon Thomas Sankara? Trial Opens, 34 Years After His Death.
The president of the West African nation of Burkina Faso, an anticolonial leader celebrated across the continent, was assassinated in 1987.
For African nations, capital punishment is a grim colonial legacy that lingers on | Dior Konate
n July, Sierra Leone became the 23rd African country to abolish the death penalty.
New Ebola case confirmed in eastern DR Congo
Three-year-old boy tests positive and dies near Beni just five months after the latest epidemic in the country was declared over.
Canary Islands volcano 'much more aggressive' as new fissures erupt
The erupting volcano on Spain's Canary Islands has blown open two more fissures, with authorities reporting "intense" activity in the area.
What the Food We Cook Reveals About Us
In her new monthly column, Yewande Komolafe returns to the food of West Africa to examine how it shaped her cooking, and her idea of home.
8 rice recipes from around the world, including paella, jollof, tahdig and more
Rice is one of the most universal ingredients. So many cuisines make use of this grain that you could, in theory, spend months trying different recipes and still not repeat yourself.
A Photographer Looks for Her Childhood in the Alps
My father, who is Swiss, was working for a couple of years in West Africa when he met the woman who would become my mother in her homeland of Guinea.