School Lunch Should Be Free for Everyone
Pennsylvania's Wyoming Valley West School District recently sent letters to parents who had outstanding school lunch debt, notifying them that failure to pay could potentially land their child in foster care.
Eye-Tracking In Mobile UX Research - Smashing Magazine
Quick summary ↬ Eye-tracking, a method that measures where people are looking and for how long they are looking, became more accessible to UX research thanks to technology.
Cristiano Ronaldo's advice to Manchester United teammates regarding Ole Gunnar Solskjaer revealed
An insight into Cristiano Ronaldo's role in the Manchester United dressing room amidst the club's poor run has been provided on Wednesday.
Solskjaer safe, for now
"We're building tunnels not walls" says Angry Birds co-founder
A €15 billion project to link the capitals of Finland and Estonia via a tunnel beneath the Baltic Sea will create a metropolitan area "much, much better" for tech startups than Silicon Valley, according to CEO Peter Vesterbacka.
Information detailing disharmony behind the scenes at Manchester United emerges
It has been a week to forget for those of a Manchester United persuasion and it is only seemingly getting worse as information regarding the issues behind the scenes of the Manchester outfit has now emerged.
The Julian Assange Question: Prison Conditions or Lies in Service of Martyrdom? - emptywheel
Today and tomorrow, the United States will appeal Judge Vanessa Baraitser's decision in the Julian Assange case that American prisons are too inhumane to house someone with suicidal tendencies safely.
Black Paper by Teju Cole review - a spark of hope in dark times
young Gambian man, let's call him D, waits in Syracuse. He arrived in Italy eight months previously, having been smuggled into the country by boat from Libya.
Ingredients for safer Sixth Street include daytime activities, alternate land uses - Austin Monitor
Wednesday, October 27, 2021 by Chad Swiatecki
Great white shark attacks on humans may be case of mistaken identity, study suggests
On the rare occasion a great white shark attacks a human, the bite may be the result of mistaken identity, according to new research.
The toxicity of performative UX
It's rather ironic how a field that's supposed to be human-centric and has "users" in the first position of its title is fraught within-group bias and lack of accountability for design outcomes and the impacts on the people their designs serve.