Use these free university-developed tools to get your students talking about freedom of speech - Poynter
This week I had the privilege of speaking to students at Morgan State University in Baltimore.
Vox Media has built a visual way to experience podcasts. It's accessible to deaf audiences - and gorgeous.
You listen to a podcast. That's the only option, right? For their new show More Than This, Vox Media set out to create a podcast that could also be seen and felt.
Perspective | Shame forced Jon Gruden out of the NFL. Daniel Snyder needs a push.
There were, most appallingly, the women. By the dozens over the years.
France remembers Paris massacre amid tensions with Algeria
Pressure mounts on France to recognise the 1961 Paris massacre of Algerians as a state crime'.
This school board is taking a major step against Islamophobia - mandated training is just the start | CBC News
Over the years, Nokha Dakroub has come face-to-face with racism and anti-Islamic hate during her work as a school trustee.
AntiPOC Bias Enthusiastically Approved (sarcasm)
Yes, there is an objectively clear pattern of antiPOC bias in media coverage of Portland, but they also asked a couple of black and Hispanic peeps along the way so it's all cool.
it's pretty obvious you are a racist
The thing about the perpetuation of systemic racism is it happens and you participate in it, even if you don't "feel" racist.
It really doesn't matter how much you've donated to HBCUs or the NAACP.
I am not racist, just ask me
Where the fuck do you get the nerve to suggest I am racist? Do you know how many POC friends I have, do you know how many retweets from nonwhites I get on twitter?
Jon Gruden emails: Read ex-Raiders coach's statement after resignation
Jon Gruden is no longer the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, and his NFL legacy is forever altered.
Texas school district 'postpones' a Black author's school visit because parents claim his books teach critical race theory
Jerry Craft, a New York Times bestselling and Newbery winning author and illustrator, was invited to do a virtual visit by the Katy Independent School District, a suburb 30 miles west of Houston, Texas, on October 4.