Social Media Wall for Hotels - Benefits and Ideas
Enhancing guests' experience is the main agenda for hotels and other hospitality businesses.
Analysis | Cash Is Dying, But We Aren't Ready to Bury It
The demise of cash is near. As consumers, though, we should hope that the end doesn't arrive too soon.
It isn't the pandemic that's putting this popular means of payment out of existence.
Will Instagram's 'Take a Break' help teens? Experts weigh in
Instagram announced new features to keep teens safe on the social media platform and some parenting experts are applauding the efforts.
Too much time scrolling? Instagram now urging teens to 'take a break' | CBC News
Instagram is launching a new feature that urges teenagers in Canada and other countries to take breaks from the photo and video sharing platform.
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Social media safety has become an increasingly important question.
62% of internet users saw content they believed was 'untrue or doubtful' in 2021
Almost two thirds of internet users saw online content they considered to be "untrue or doubtful" in 2021, new Central Statistics Office (CSO) data shows.
Trump social media company claims to raise $1bn from investors
Donald Trump's new social media company and its special purpose acquisition company partner said on Saturday the partner had agreements for $1bn in capital from institutional investors.
Lewis: Nets push market towards younger fans looking for 'lifelongs'
The Nets have sold out three straight home games and a fourth is possible against the Bulls tonight in Brooklyn. Two of the three have been record-setting with more than 300 standing room tickets sold.
Penelope Jackson appeals against murder verdict claiming media footage 'impeded' fair trial
A woman jailed for at least 18 years after being found guilty of murdering her husband is to appeal against her conviction on the grounds that video and audio evidence released into the public domain midway through her trial impeded her right to a fair hearing.
AC Milan Launch Club Page On Chinese Short Video App Kuaishou
AC Milan on their website are reporting that the club is continuing its growth path in the digital world and is reinforcing its presence in the Chinese market by launching its official channel on Kuaishou, one of the most popular platforms for short videos and live streaming in China.