Fjord stoneware collection by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces
Dezeen Showroom: the wild landscapes of Scandinavia serve as inspiration for the Fjord tile collection, created by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces.
Isn't it good, Swedish plywood: the miraculous eco-town with a 20-storey wooden skyscraper
s you come in to land at Skellefteå airport in the far north of Sweden, you are greeted by a wooden air traffic control tower poking up from an endless forest of pine and spruce.
Easy Apple Coffee Cake (GF, Vegan)
You know when you take a bite of cake and just breathe a sigh of relief and satisfaction? Well, get ready. Because after many tests (we lost count - 6 or 600, maybe?)
Biites, a Global Branded Content Platform, Secures Funding from FirstPartyCapital to Fuel International Expansion
Biites' platform is specifically built with long form branded video in mind, giving owners of premium content a unique distribution channel that includes powerful tools for audience analytics and automated amplification.
House Hunting in England: Country Living in the Cotswolds for $3 Million
International real estate
The Cotswolds, a bucolic protected landscape running through five English counties, has remained a draw for buyers amid pandemic market shifts.
Parents' wealth affects how quickly adult children get back on their feet | Torsten Bell
veryone loves Scandinavia. The Swedes gave us Abba (ignore the latest reincarnation) and now the Norwegians are riding to the rescue, flogging us badly needed electricity this winter.
'You can't close': Melbourne's last video store determined to stay open in streaming era
The last DVD rental store in Melbourne sits in an unassuming wooden shopfront in Richmond between a trendy fish and chippery and a tapas bar.
Dezeen makes "massive" reduction to its website carbon emissions
Dezeen has slashed the carbon emissions of its website by two-thirds thanks to a series of code improvements.
The changes, which have reduced emissions by 66 per cent, were introduced last month.
Maria Mendiola obituary
The mysterious power of pop music knows no bounds.
Denmark lifts the last of its coronavirus restrictions.
Denmark has lifted the last of its coronavirus restrictions, effectively declaring that the virus was no longer a "critical threat to society" and allowing the country to get back to a semblance of prepandemic normal.