Is action man Gove up for a daring investment adventure?
ichael Gove has become the British economy's Mr Fixit.
It's smart to give Lisa Nandy the levelling-up brief. But what's most needed is money | Larry Elliott
wo years ago this month Boris Johnson successfully wooed voters in the north of England with a promise to " level up " the UK economy.
Education funding puts levelling-up into reverse, IFS claims
The government's approach to education risks pushing levelling-up efforts in the "opposite direction" according to a new report from think-tank, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).
'Someone needs a kick up the butt': Bexley voters consider Tories' record
oris Johnson's popularity dip may be such that Tory voters in Old Bexley and Sidcup brand the prime minister a "blithering idiot" and question his qualities as a leader, but Labour still faces an uphill battle to win the seat in Thursday's byelection.
How will post-Covid Britain look? For many, like it did in the brutal 19th century | John Harris
n December 2019, Boris Johnson was electioneering in Salisbury, where he visited a butcher's shop and local military veterans' centre.
Boris Johnson faces leadership fight unless he 'gets act together', senior Tory says
Boris Johnson risks a leadership challenge unless No 10 "gets its act together", says a senior Tory MP, in a sharp criticism of the prime minister.
Gove-led cabinet committee makes fresh bid for progress on levelling up
Michael Gove is chairing a new weekly cabinet committee on levelling up, to bang heads together across Whitehall, as the government battles to repair the political damage of the past three weeks and show it is serious about tackling economic inequalities.
Digested week: Spurs almost made me swear off football - but then they won
During the half-time break at the Spurs v Leeds game yesterday, I was chatting to my friend Matthew, with whom I have been going to the football for longer than either of us cares to remember.
Cabinet ministers back Boris Johnson after Tory cheers at PMQs
Cabinet ministers rowed in behind Boris Johnson on Wednesday after a torrid three weeks at Westminster, as Downing Street sought to play down divisions between No 10 and the Treasury.
UK Covid scheme indirectly discriminated against maternity leave takers, court rules
Tens of thousands of self-employed women who took maternity leave were indirectly discriminated against by the UK government during the pandemic but will be unable to claim rebates, the court of appeal has ruled.