Beverly Hills police unit is accused of targeting Black shoppers on Rodeo Drive last year
Last month, two attorneys summoned reporters to the steps of Beverly Hills City Hall to make a disturbing accusation.
Former Washington Football Staffers Demand Investigation's Findings
When the N.F.L.'s 32 team owners met in a Midtown Manhattan hotel Tuesday for their quarterly discussion of league business, two women formerly employed by the Washington Football Team interjected with their own agenda item.
Uefa faces call for governance reform to stem Super League threat
Two organisations at the heart of European football have broken ranks with Uefa, calling for complete reform of governance to prevent the recurring threat of a Super League.
Climate change: 'Leadership gap' undermines efforts to curb warming, UN chief says
BERLIN - The head of the United Nations says a "leadership gap" is undermining the world's efforts to curb global warming, days before presidents and prime ministers from around the globe gather for a climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland.
Amazon is building a Clubhouse competitor that turns hosts into DJs
Amazon is next on the list of companies getting into the live audio game.
Faster Buses on 5th Avenue? Not if Business Leaders Get Their Way.
A busway in the heart of Manhattan is now uncertain after a major real estate developer expressed opposition to the plans to Mayor Bill de Blasio.
Deepfake Lookbook by FINCH: first in the world to allow AR fitting of collections - KALTBLUT Magazine
The lookbook includes 12 total looks that the FINCH team created based on the works of 12 contemporary artists from Ukraine, Switzerland and Japan, aged from 28 to 74.
The trouble with names
For the last several days in dreamland I've been working in a large, beautiful log cabin.