Here are a bunch of iOS 15 features that Apple didn't mention earlier
As Apple's annual WWDC conference wraps up, we have a whole week of developer sessions and press briefings to look back on, plus a bunch of bullet points on Apple's various feature pages to sort through.
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Federal Court Refuses to Reject Challenge to West Virginia's Ban on Surgery Coverage - Gay City News
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School board members in New York wanted to embrace diversity, but hecklers had other plans
(CNN)Board members in a New York school district attempted to discuss a diverse curriculum and critical thinking -- but it erupted into a debate about critical race theory.
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G7: Boris Johnson appears to repudiate Tory austerity at summit opening
Boris Johnson has told his fellow G7 leaders in Cornwall they should avoid repeating the mistakes of 2008, when the recovery from the deep recession that followed the financial crisis entrenched inequalities.
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Theranostics: a new hope in the fight against cancer
José Luis Carreras gets very excited when he talks about theranostics, a burgeoning medical strategy that works like a precision missile against certain types of cancer cells.
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