Wayne Couzens lodges appeal against whole-life sentence
The police officer who murdered Sarah Everard has lodged an appeal to reduce the length of his jail sentence.
Hamilton High students allegedly assault girl and circulate video of attack
A Hamilton High female student was allegedly sexually assaulted last week in a restroom by at least one male student - a reported attack partially captured on video and circulated to others, law enforcement officials and school district sources said Tuesday.
Civil rights pioneer wants arrest record for refusing to give up seat expunged
The civil rights pioneer Claudette Colvin, who in 1955 refused to give up her bus seat for a white person in Montgomery, Alabama, is asking a court to expunge all records of her arrest, saying she was never notified that her probation was finished.
Mother of murdered sisters says Met's apology 'won't cut it'
The mother of two sisters who were murdered in a park in north London said the Met Police's apology "won't cut it" as she warned a police inspector's comments about her daughters indicate " racial profiling, misogyny or classism ".
Marjorie Taylor Greene fined third time for refusing to wear mask on House floor
A Georgia Republican who compared rules on mask-wearing against Covid-19 to the Holocaust and another who said Trump supporters who invaded the Capitol on 6 January behaved like "normal tourists" have both been fined for failing to wear masks on the floor of the House.
Sabina Nessa's sister begs politicians to 'step up' and make streets safer
The sister of murdered school teacher Sabina Nessa has called on politicians to do more to make streets safer for women and girls.
Met Police officer accused of rape 'said he thought woman was playing hard to get'
A serving Metropolitan Police officer accused of raping a woman told her he thought she was "playing hard to get" and being "flirty" when she told him to stop, a court has heard.
Metropolitan police officer accused of rape goes on trial in Essex
A Metropolitan police officer accused of raping a woman told her he thought she was "playing hard to get" when she told him no, a court has been told.
Decoding Eric Adams
He is poised to become the next mayor. He could be the biggest City Hall wild card in decades.
"I am you," Adams tells voters.
It's not flattery. Or puffery.
In the World Series, Hank Aaron's Protege Faces His Former Team
"If Henry is watching down, he will enjoy this World Series because of Dusty, above all," Bud Selig said of Dusty Baker, who bonded with Aaron in their time together in Atlanta.