Quiz #7: Quizness as usual
Welcome back for your weekly dose of quizzical goodness.
In today's seven Mission history questions, we cover big-league basketball, a captivating carnival and a magnificent march.
Eighty years late: groundbreaking work on slave economy is finally published in UK
In 1938, a brilliant young Black scholar at Oxford University wrote a thesis on the economic history of British empire and challenged a claim about slavery that had been defining Britain's role in the world for more than a century.
Darling buds: how best friends keep us healthy and happy
e met when we were five. I don't know how I would have managed without her." As children, Barbara Kastelein, from Ashford in Kent, and her best friend, nicknamed "Tulip", both had alcoholic fathers.
This Country is Launching a Massive 4-Day Workweek Pilot - With No Pay Cut
Feeling burned out? You're far from alone.
Britain's politically besieged leader signals he might ease virus curbs.
LONDON - With Omicron cases beginning to fall, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain on Tuesday signaled possible plans to ease coronavirus restrictions in England, a move that would likely mollify critics in his restive Conservative Party at a time when he is besieged by career-threatening political scandals.
An epic inheritance fight will soon cost a Texas-born princess her 16th century villa
The Villa Aurora, a palace in Rome housing the only mural by Caravaggio and at the center of a messy legal battle between a Texas-born princess and the sons of her late husband, an Italian prince, will go up for auction on Jan. 18, 2022.
Quiz #6: Let's get down to quizness
Happy new year!
After a brief hiatus for the holiday season, your favorite Monday morning Mission-themed history quiz is back and better than ever.
If You're a Dad Who Didn't Immediately Love Your Newborn, Blame Biology
Fathers often don't have the same love-at-first-sight experience with their babies as mothers do, in part because they don't have the same experience of pregnancy.
South Africa says that it has passed its fourth wave of cases, and counts few added deaths.
The South African government said Thursday that data from its health department suggested that the country had passed its Omicron peak without a major spike in deaths, offering cautious hope to other countries grappling with the variant.
Welsh Government comes to Westminster's aid with four million Covid tests
The Welsh Government has come to the aid of Westminster by loaning England four million lateral flow tests, as ministers scramble to secure supplies from around the world.