5 ways to share your skills
Spread knowledge and hone your craft with these skill-sharing tips
'We looked to digital': How a regional grocery chain is using Facebook live shopping to get in front of more online shoppers - Digiday
As the social commerce arms race continues to take shape, Texas-based grocery chain H-E-B is banking on Facebook's live shopping feature to reach more shoppers, who are increasingly spending more time online due to the on-going pandemic.
Your plate is too full: How to Reevaluate Priorities in your Community - CMX
Burnout is no joke, and the Community Industry is no stranger to it. In fact, sometimes I feel like a broken record when I talk about burnout, because I talk about it so often.
Mediterranean diet named best diet for 2022
It's a winning streak that just won't quit.
The LAVA ME 3 'Smart Guitar' comes with its own built-in touchscreen that lets you add effects and view tutorials - Yanko Design
Turning the humble stringed instrument into an entire ecosystem, the LAVA ME 3 is easily the most advanced guitar you can get your hands on.
Promotion: It's so important to look after your mental health
Published: 3:37 PM December 8, 2020
Updated: 11:14 AM December 9, 2020
Lockdowns have been tough on us all. It's OK to admit that, while recognising you're worried or anxious, bored or lonely.
Happy 15th Birthday Bullets Forever!
Today is a special day in site history. It is Bullets Forever's 15th Birthday!
Google's 2021 search list: Bernie Sanders' mittens and Squid Game top the trends
Squid Game, Bernie Sanders' mittens and how to wear skinny jeans were among the most searched for subjects on Google around the world this year, and in the UK the Euros dominated web queries.
WerkShoppe Puzzles Spread Art + Joy One Piece at a Time
New to the Design Milk Shop, WerkShoppe Puzzles wants to connect more people to art - and with each other, one beautifully made puzzle at a time.
7 Ways Social Media Reviews Can Improve Your Business - Social Media Explorer
You might be wondering how social media reviews can help your business. They are changing the way businesses appeal to their clients and customers, but there is more to it than just that.