Impromptu Sondheim Wakes Fill Piano Bars With Tears and Tunes
Stephen Sondheim (1930-2021)
Lines of Stephen Sondheim fans formed outside Marie's Crisis Cafe in Greenwich Village as news of his death spread. Inside, it was all-Sondheim on the piano.
Three jailed over 4.5m plot to smuggle drugs sealed in fish tanks
Three men have been jailed for a total of 40 years after being convicted of using a removal firm as a front for an international drug smuggling conspiracy.
'I'll try to get across': people camped out in Dunkirk still hope to reach UK
Everybody at the camp on the outskirts of Dunkirk, little more than a scrappy collection of tents with no toilets or running water, has heard about the 27 people who drowned on Wednesday.
IoT security law has 10m fines for vuln reporting failures
A new British IoT product security law is racing through the House of Commons, with the government boasting it will outlaw default admin passwords and more.
Museum revisits the weirdest mobile phone designs ever
(Image credit: MobilePhoneMuseum/Future)
Technology has come a very long way since the first mobile phone was released.
Adverty Partners with Smart to Further Facilitate Access to their Seamless In-Game Inventory
Smart is a global advertising technology company, created in 2001, that offers ad serving, programmatic monetisation and buying solutions to both publishers and advertisers.
Bluetooth tracker-maker Tile to sell to SF-based Life360 for $205M - Silicon Valley Business Journal
How much would you pay for the ability to tag and locate nearly any lost item you care to think about?
If you're serious about privacy, it's time to use Duck Duck Go as your default Android browser
Third-party app trackers have become a real problem on Android, and DuckDuckGo is doing something about it. Find out why Jack Wallen believes this is the browser you need to be using.
The Appeal writer Janice Hallett: 'I wrote about bubble bath for 15 years'
anice Hallett, 52, is the author of The Appeal, an ingenious whodunnit and a new take on the epistolary novel, composed of emails and texts.
Two arrested amid police investigation into 'prison throw overs' in Manchester
Police have seized two parcels filled with suspected " contraband" and arrested two men, aged 33 and 19, on suspicion of conspiracy to convey articles into prison.