'Controlled distribution': Germany to legalise recreational cannabis
The centre-left SPD, Greens and liberal FDP, which presented their plans for Germany's next ruling coalition on Wednesday, have agreed to ease rules on personal use of cannabis.
Bridal strain: Pandemic caused a historic drop in Australian weddings in 2020
The rate of Australian couples getting married suffered an historic fall last year amid the Covid pandemic, while the country also recorded fewer deaths than expected from medical conditions in the first half of 2020.
This week in France: What you need to know
President Emmanuel Macron visits his hometown of Amiens where he will announce an extension to the Bibliothèque nationale de France programme.
The flu vaccine programme opens up to everyone.
Massachusetts expands COVID-19 booster eligibility to all adults, bypassing federal guidelines
Effective immediately, all adults in Massachusetts can get an additional shot after their waiting period has elapsed.
Massachusetts Senate approves sweeping mental health bill
"This investment is absolutely critical. It's a game-changer."
10 Natural Remedies For Improving Focus, Memory & Attention
Have you ever had a difficult time completing a task at work, struggling to study for an important test, or spent time wishing you could increase your concentration power?
Well, it's normal.
Emotional Numbness: The Feeling of Being Empty and Numb Within
When we face difficult life situations or challenges we often find ourselves feeling empty and numb with questions like "why do I feel so empty inside" or "why does my mind feel blank" hovering over us.
Pregnant workers' jobs and health at risk as bosses refuse accommodations
Jennifer, a family nurse practitioner in Texas, told her employer a few months into the Covid-19 pandemic that she was pregnant and requested changes to her work to limit her exposure to Covid-19.
Medicare Advantage's cost to taxpayers has soared in recent years, research finds
Switching seniors to Medicare Advantage plans has cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars more than keeping them in original Medicare, a cost that has exploded since 2018 and is likely to rise even higher, new research has found.
What does Macron's announcement change for France's Covid vaccine boosters?
At present the following groups are eligible for a booster shot in France;