Lawsuits Against Ohio State University Over Sex Abuse By A Team Doctor Are Dismissed
A judge has dismissed some of the biggest lawsuits against Ohio State University over sexual abuse by Dr. Richard Strauss against student athletes.
Former defense secretary Jim Mattis testifies about his time on Theranos board during Elizabeth Holmes trial
SAN JOSE - Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis took the stand Wednesday at the fraud trial of entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes, saying he was under the impression for years that Theranos was capable of running thousands of tests on its own devices.
Twitter's div Soup and Uglyfied CSS, Explained
Twitter web is a complex application built with React Native for Web - an implementation of the React Native components and APIs for the browser.
FTC resurrects a decade-old rule as a guardrail on the health app explosion
Health apps have to tell their users about any data breaches or risk a hefty fine, the Federal Trade Commission clarified in a policy statement last week.
Gio Urshela has been solid at shortstop thus far, but will that continue?
Gio Urshela, New York Yankees shortstop.
Sharing content in React Native apps using React Native Share - LogRocket Blog
With the rise of social media applications, the need for businesses to remain relevant and reach a wider audience cannot be overemphasized.
Tesla drivers are 'inattentive' when using Autopilot, researchers find
Autonomous systems make drivers less attentive to the road even through 'self-driving' technology still requires the human behind the wheel to remain focused, a new study has found.
AI cannot be regulated by technical measures alone
Any attempt to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) must not rely solely on technical measures to mitigate potential harms, and should instead move to address the fundamental power imbalances between those who develop or deploy the technology and those who are subject to it, says a report commissioned by European Digital Rights (EDRi).
Opinion | The Roots of French Pique
It's hardly surprising that France would be furious over losing a multibillion-dollar arms deal with Australia, all the more so because it believes it was blindsided as Canberra, Washington and London secretly worked to get a different deal for themselves.
The Trudeau era continues - for now | CBC News
It's not a majority. It might not even be a stronger minority.
It could, in fact, end up being an election that produces a House of Commons nearly identical to the one that was dissolved five weeks ago.