'Manifesto' is a story of dreams made real by never giving up
In a 1973 review of Nobel Prize-winning writer Toni Morrison's Sula, New York Times critic Sara Blackburn wrote: "Toni Morrison is far too talented to remain only a marvelous recorder of the black side of provincial American life.
Who Will Sign Kris Bryant?
Kris Bryant had a rough showing in 2020, with injuries limiting him to 34 games and batting line of .206/.293/.351 for a wRC+ of 75.
5 Patriots who won't be back with the team next season
It was a successful season, but the New England Patriots were bounced early from the playoffs at the hands of the division-rival Buffalo Bills on Wild Card weekend. Not much that could've been done.
Opinion | Here's Some (Slightly) Less Worrisome Covid-and-Kids News
I made that point toward the end of that last newsletter, but it's worth repeating here.
Who is more desperate than Ron Rivera going into 2022?
As Ron Rivera enters his third year as Supreme Commander of Washington's football operations, his seat is heating up.
Final Fantasy XIV Services Are Coming Back Soon
Last month, due to the overwhelming queue times to access Final Fantasy XIV servers, digital game sales and certain services were suspended until things calmed down.
Survivor993 Is Not Alone: Lawsuits Show Abuse at School for At-Risk Teens
The Family Foundation School, closed in 2014, has long faced accusations of using improper methods.
Families say Ombudsman report vindicates claims of collusion in murders
Families of victims who were murdered by the UDA/UFF have said a new Police Ombudsman report has vindicated their claims of collusion by RUC officers.
The Challenge of Diversity and Inclusivity in UX Design
UX may be the most complex component. of the product development cycle.
Scottie Barnes and Star Power - Raptors Republic
Stardom is never guaranteed, but Scottie Barnes has his eyes fixed on it.
Let's cut to the chase. This isn't a metaphorical exploration of Fred VanVleet's prescient ability. No beautiful prose.