The Evergrande Troubles
Is China's housing market a huge bubble that's starting to burst?
COVID-19 hospitalizations are falling - Poynter
COVID-related hospitalizations are clearly falling. They're down to 94,100, the lowest rate in a month, and down 8% in two weeks.
Ohio and Pennsylvania are the outliers in this trend.
What About the Heroine's Journey?
The Harvard scholar Maria Tatar has made a career of studying fairy tales and folklore. Now she is taking aim at Joseph Campbell and showing us the women he left out of the story.
Why Does Olivia Rodrigo Keep Giving Up Songwriting Credits?
Illustration: Iris Gottlieb
In the past few years, as music-copyright claims have skyrocketed, more and more artists are giving songwriting credits away.
Dynamic head tracking is now available in Apple Music | Engadget
So long as you have iOS 15 and the right AirPods, that is.
In this article: news, gear, audio, iPadOS 15, Dolby Atmos, iOS 15, Apple Music, AirPods Max, AirPods Pro, Apple, spatial audio
Where NASA Will Send Its First Robotic Moon Rover to Search for Ice
The agency picked the Nobile crater near the lunar south pole to seek frozen water that will be essential to future astronaut missions.
Labour to open EU talks on 'new agreement' to end post-Brexit touring crisis
Labour plans to open its own talks on a "new agreement" with the EU to end the post- Brexit crisis forcing musicians to abandon tours, piling pressure on the government to finally act.
Adalberto Alvarez, Latin Dance Music Maestro, Is Dead at 72
He was known as the "Gentleman of Son" because of his infectious enthusiasm for repopularizing the genre considered the bedrock of the Cuban sound.
Bennie Pete, Bandleader Who Kept the Beat After Katrina, Dies at 45
A tuba player and the leader of the Hot 8, one of New Orleans's high-profile brass bands, he brought music to his fellow citizens in the difficult days after the storm.