Chaplain at California women's federal prison charged with sexual abuse of inmate
A chaplain at an all-female federal prison in the East Bay area has been charged with repeatedly sexually abusing a woman incarcerated in the facility, authorities said Wednesday.
Public apology to Historic Institutional Abuse victims 'to be made in March'
An announcement around an official apology from Stormont to those abused in historic institutions is expected to be made on Thursday.
UK Government to discuss Northern Ireland first ministers' roles after elections
The Government will speak to political parties in Northern Ireland after Assembly elections this year about the possibility of reforming the roles of the first minister and deputy first minister.
Enacting mother and baby home proposals will take 'sustained period of time'
Work on implementing the recommendations of an expert panel into the mistreatment of women and children in mother and baby homes in Northern Ireland will take a "sustained period of time", MLAs have been told.
Scientists Extremely Intrigued by Possible Sign of Life on Mars
Despite having landed on Mars almost a decade ago, NASA's Curiosity rover is still making fascinating new discoveries - and the latest is a real doozy.
Study: Grade satisfaction a major factor in student evals
Yet another study is challenging the idea that student evaluations of teaching reliably measure what they're intended to measure: instructional quality.
Editor's Letter: Speaking to Readers | The Walrus
T he late Richard O'Hagan worked as a journalist (writing for Maclean's and the Toronto Telegram), as an adviser to two Canadian prime ministers, and as a long-time member of The Walrus Foundation's board of directors.
Boarding school apologises for 'terrible' historic abuse
Winchester College has issued an apology to the victims of a Christian barrister who infiltrated the school in the 1970s and 1980s and abused a number of pupils during that time.
More universities could face strike disruption this term after reballots
More universities across the UK could face strikes this term after a fresh round of reballots.