Nearly 1 in 4 hospitals treating Covid in Afghanistan have shut down, the W.H.O. warns.
Nearly one-quarter of the hospitals treating Covid-19 in Afghanistan have closed in recent weeks, and the country's efforts to respond to the pandemic have declined, World Health Organization officials said Wednesday.
Brazil health minister who shook hands with Boris Johnson tests positive for Covid
A Brazilian health minister who shook hands with a maskless Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus in New York.
Brazil's health minister tests positive for the virus at the U.N. General Assembly.
Brazil's health minister announced that he had tested positive for the coronavirus on Tuesday in New York, where he was attending the United Nations General Assembly along with the country's defiantly unvaccinated president, Jair Bolsonaro.
Brazil's health minister tests positive for Covid after meeting maskless Johnson
The Brazilian health minister, Marcelo Queiroga, has tested positive for Covid and gone into isolation, 24 hours after meeting with a maskless Boris Johnson and other British officials in New York.
Germany will overcome pandemic by spring 2022, says Health Minister
"If no new virus variant emerges that vaccination does not protect against, which is very unlikely, then we will have overcome the pandemic in the spring and can return to normality," the CDU politician told the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper.
India calls new UK COVID-19 vaccine rules 'discriminatory'
NEW DELHI - India on Tuesday criticized the British government's decision not to recognize coronavirus vaccine certificates issued by Indian authorities, calling it a "discriminatory policy" that will impact its citizens who want to travel to that country.
India plans to resume vaccine exports starting next month.
India's health minister said on Monday that the country would resume exports of Covid-19 vaccines, five months after halting shipments during its own devastating wave of infections.
India to resume COVID vaccine exports to COVAX, neighbours
The health minister says government will prioritise the global vaccine-sharing platform and India's neighbouring countries.
'Heartbreaking loss': Waterloo region child under 10 with COVID-19 dies | CBC News
A Waterloo region child under the age of 10 who had COVID-19 has died, the region's medical officer of health says.
'It's nearly time': What will life in Norway be like when last Covid-19 measures are lifted?
Minister of Health Bent Høie said Friday that the time for Norway to drop the last national coronavirus measures was on the horizon.