District line blues: a journey through London's struggling economy
he morning rush hour used to be the busiest time of day for Jayant Amin's newsagent in the heart of the City of London, before Covid-19.
Analysis | UBS Is Beating American Lenders on Their Own Turf
Swiss interest rates have been deeply negative for more than six years, and banks everywhere are struggling to get customers to borrow. But UBS Group has an answer.
Analysis | A $1 Trillion Tesla Almost Makes You Feel for the Other Car Giants
Call me sentimental, but while everyone was lauding Tesla Inc.'s astonishing rise to a more than $1 trillion market value on Monday, all I could think about was how wretched the rest of the auto industry must feel, and how they might respond.
Amazon strikes deal with UK spy agencies to host classified material
Britain's spy agencies have struck a deal with Amazon that would see the company's cloud computing host classified material, it has been reported.
Amazon to host classified material for MI5, MI6 and GCHQ
The UK's spy agencies have reportedly given a contract to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host classified material in a deal aimed at boosting the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence for espionage.
Analysis | Billionaire Issa Brothers Face $1 Billion Asda Setback
Mohsin and Zuber Issa were looking like the cleverest men in retail.
Analysis | Is Whistle-Blowing Really Worth $200 Million?
Good incentives for blowing the whistle on bad behavior are great. But $200 million is a hell of a big prize.
Budget 2021: Tax, childcare and what else to expect
Rishi Sunak has been a chancellor defined by crisis. Now he must show what an economy taken off life support will look like in next week's Budget.
Much of his hand has already been revealed.
Analysis | Can Private Equity Improve Dog Food Sales?
The latest European buyout is another stark expression of the gulf between the value that stock-market investors see in an asset and the price that private-equity firms will put on it.
Location Data Firm Got GPS Data From Apps Even When People Opted-Out
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