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3 years ago
Canada news

HuffPost Canada Splash: March 7, 2021

Canada is the top destination for expats looking to live and work abroad, surpassing countries like Australia and the United States.
Canada's popularity as a work destination is driven by its strong economy, diversity, and commitment to inclusion. [ more ]
4 months ago
Video games

Lulu Wang wanted the mystery at the end of Prime Video's Expats

The ending of Expats leaves many questions unanswered, mirroring the ambiguity and unresolved emotions within the characters.
Showrunner Lulu Wang wanted the ending to feel like a new beginning, focusing on personal and global themes like closure, happiness, forgiveness, and self-compassion. [ more ]
1 week ago
Digital life

They Fled Oppression at Home, but It Followed Them Abroad

Venezuelan government makes voter registration difficult for expats, risking electoral fraud in upcoming presidential election. [ more ]
3 weeks ago
European startups

Feather raises 6 million to go pan-European with its insurance platform for expats | TechCrunch

Feather, a German startup, raised €6 million to simplify health insurance for expats in Europe through personalized recommendations and addressing the fragmented market. [ more ]
New York Post
1 month ago

This is the world's most expensive city for expats to call home

Hong Kong has been named the most expensive city in the world for overseas workers in the 2024 Mercer Cost of Living Survey. [ more ]
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