Populist leaders take steps towards building 'big European force', says Le Pen
European right-wing populist leaders have declared they will cooperate more closely at the European Union's parliament in order to defend the sovereignty of the bloc's 27 member nations.
Joe Biden warns Vladimir Putin against Ukraine invasion
Joe Biden has vowed to make it "very, very difficult" for Russian President Vladimir Putin to take military action in Ukraine, saying his administration is putting together a comprehensive set of initiatives to curb Russian aggression.
'Un grand monsieur': Lula challenge to Bolsonaro finds welcome in Europe
It was a welcome fit for a president.
Republican Guards at the Élysée Palace. A standing ovation at the European Parliament.
France backs Poland over Belarus but says EU dispute is not over
France assured Poland of European Union support in its stand-off with Belarus on Wednesday but reminded Warsaw it needed to resolve a row with the bloc over its values and the rule of law.
In Venezuela's Flawed Vote, Maduro Shows One Way to Retain Power
European observers said the elections were neither free nor fair. They showed how President Nicolás Maduro's government, however unpopular, can win by excluding and splitting opponents.
Refugee activist facing Greek court left 'in limbo' after trial postponed
An Irish defendant among 24 aid workers accused of espionage in Greece has said he has been left in a legal "limbo" after their trial was postponed, prolonging an ordeal that has highlighted growing hostility towards NGOs involved in migrant solidarity work.
Germany: Who will be the Conservative CDU's Savior?
Germany's Christian-Democratic Union (CDU) dropped one of its four options in the process of finding a new leader.
Facebook releases new reports on transparency and oversight amid criticism
Facebook published a series of reports on Tuesday that showcase the company's evolving response to a tide of criticism that its platform causes societal harm.
The fight between Italy and Croatia over the name Prosecco gets ready to pop
Winemaker Milos Skabar, center, works at his vineyard of the Prosekar variety in Prosecco, near Trieste, Italy, on Oct. 15.
Prosecco makers in Italy bid to halt Croatians from naming their wine Prosek
Winemakers in Italy and Croatia are set to turn to the courts in a battle over the name Prosecco.