Tens of thousands without power as winter storm blasts US south-east
A dangerous winter storm combining high winds and ice began sweeping through parts of the US south-east early on Sunday, knocking out power, felling trees and fences and coating roads with a treacherous frigid glaze.
Ontario nurses want pay parity with police, firefighters, amidst pandemic staffing crunch | CBC News
Nurses in Ontario say the latest wave of COVID-19 infections has revealed long-standing problems in the profession that need to be addressed, including better pay.
Daycare workers, parents call for more consideration as Omicron batters essential sector | CBC News
Not unlike schools, the daycare sector has pivoted multiple times during the pandemic, adopting new health and safety protocols and overhauling different operations.
2021: The 'Trash Can Fire' Year in Review - San Francisco Bay Times
By Louise "Lou" Fischer-
Welcome to 2022; last year, I deemed 2020 the "Dumpster Fire," and while 2021 included some fiery incidents, it wasn't as bad as 2020.
Mission Covid testing site introduces 'Fast-Track' pass to encourage retesting
It's not often a Covid-19 testing site takes a page from Disneyland's book. But as lines grew at the 24th and Capp site, leaders decided a "Fast-Track" pass could speed things along.
'Living with Covid' does not have to mean ditching all protective measures
Reports on Sunday that free lateral flow tests could be axed under a strategy of living with Covid within weeks were met with a swift backlash.
Australia's New South Wales sees deadliest day of pandemic
SYDNEY - Australia's New South Wales state reported 16 deaths on Sunday in its deadliest day of the pandemic, even as it relaxed rules to allow some essential workers in isolation to return to work if they are asymptomatic.
Four Spanish regions set new highs for daily coronavirus cases
Spain's sixth wave of the coronavirus continued to set new case records on Three Kings' Day, a national holiday that brings families together for present-opening and shared meals.
India fears another COVID catastrophe as cases hit 7-month high
India reports most cases since early June as Omicron variant overtakes Delta in cities where spectre of second wave still haunts.
Essential workers at local restaurants continue to wear the least effective masks
While public health officials stressed this week that individuals, to protect themselves against Covid-19, should upgrade their masks to either the more protective N95 or a surgical and cloth mask layered together, a random survey of essential workers by Mission Local at local restaurants indicated that only a few are following the advice.