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Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 Review: The Ultimate Synthesis of Stylus and Computer
By Gabriel Morgan
For decades, Wacom has been digital drawing tablet. Building pen tablets known for quality and longevity, the company is an undisputed darling of digital artists.
Ask the Remodeler: Figuring out how much wall insulation you have
Q. I have an old house with the original insulation, but about 30 years ago, we had fiberglass insulation blown in.
Exxon Sets a 2050 Goal for Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions
The target does not account for the climate impact of its customers and suppliers, leaving the company lagging the commitments of some of its rivals.
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Inside Politics: Cummings - PM lied to parliament about Downing Street garden party
Without Dominic Cummings, there is a good chance Boris Johnson would not be in No 10 Downing Street.
Sales of Electric Vehicles Surpass Diesel in Europe, a First
Europeans bought more electric cars than diesels in December, a stunning illustration of the growing popularity of battery power and the decline of diesel, which was once the most popular engine option in Europe.
UK offshore windfarm capacity to triple in 'one of biggest steps towards net zero'
Offshore wind farm capacity in the UK is set to triple in what has been hailed as "one of the country's biggest ever steps" towards achieving net-zero emissions.
China's coal production hit record levels in 2021
China's coal production reached record levels last year as the state encouraged miners to ramp up their fossil fuel output to safeguard the country's energy supplies through the winter gas crisis.
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If you're going to ride a broomstick anyway, you might as well make sure you look good on it.