Nadine Dorries threatens social media giants with 'financial hammer blow'
Culture secretary Nadine Dorries has threatened Twitter, Facebook and other social media firms with a "financial hammer blow" if they fail to act on online abuse.
Swedish rapper Einar shot dead in suspected gang-related attack
One of Sweden's most popular rappers has been shot and killed in Stockholm, further fuelling public anger over a deadly wave of gang-related violence that has hit the country in recent years.
Councillors demand better protection from abuse and death threats
Council leaders have demanded urgent measures to tackle what they say is a tide of abuse against councillors, potentially including a specific law against intimidating public officials and a greater willingness to prosecute those who make threats.
The Guardian view on MPs' security: it takes culture change | Editorial
n the week since Sir David Amess was killed, many people who did not know the man have learned something about his work.
See the spectacular design on display at Lagos Design Week
Twentieth century design was defined by European movements, like Scandinavian minimalism or the German Bauhaus. Could design in the 21st century be shaped by a new generation of African designers?
Parents blame sexual assaults on school district's trans bathroom policies without proof
Parents are blaming two sexual assaults against girls, allegedly committed by a 15-year-old gender-fluid boy, on the transgender-inclusive policies of Loudoun County, Virginia.
Father of suspect in David Amess killing worked on anti-extremist projects
The father of the suspect in the inquiry into David Amess's killing, was a committed anti-extremist who risked his own life trying to thwart hate groups, his friends and colleagues have said.
Our families fear for our personal safety, say MPs
Many have spoken of a toxic and increasingly polarised political culture where online trolling has become widespread, ranging from personal insults at one end of the spectrum to direct threats of violence and even death at the other.
What we know about the suspect in the murder of Sir David Amess MP
Police gathered more evidence from homes in London on Sunday as they continued to question 25-year-old suspect Ali Harbi Ali over the murder of Sir David Amess MP.
Sir David Amess killing: Security for politicians is a global dilemma
How can you be an open, accessible people's representative and yet still protect your personal safety?
We asked our correspondents around the world to tells us how lawmakers cope where they are.