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New York Daily News
1 year ago
NYC politics

Rep. Lee Zeldin slams HALT, gets backing of NYC correction officers in tight race for governor

Lee Zeldin criticized the HALT Act for increasing assaults on correction officers. [ more ]
New York Post
3 months ago
NYC politics

NYC councilman looks to bring back some solitary confinement in Big Apple jails

Proposed bills by NYC lawmaker Bob Holden aim to ban triple tours in jails & reintroduce solitary for some violent inmates. [ more ]
New York Post
5 months ago
New York City

Rikers inmate chokes female correction officer weeks after another attack left guard with fractured nasal bones

Correction officers on Rikers Island faced violent assaults from inmates, leading to injuries and psychological trauma.
Officers express fear and apprehension about returning to work due to the recent violent incidents. [ more ]
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