Business Coalition Spends Millions to Lobby Against Biden's Proposed Tax Hikes
Over half of business associations affiliated with a new coalition to oppose Democratic efforts to raise taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations spent over $3 million in lobbying expenditures in the first quarter of 2021.
Markey Says Centrist Infrastructure Deal Is "Climate Denial Masquerading as Bipartisanship"
Sen. Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts) has decried the bipartisan infrastructural proposal as a form of "climate denial" for its apparent exclusion of many climate provisions that were in President Joe Biden's original plan.
McDonald's hit by data breaches in US, South Korea and Taiwan | Engadget
McDonald's is the latest massive corporation to be hit by a cyberattack.
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Clamour for wealth tax grows after revelations about super-rich's affairs
The revelation last week that the 25 richest US billionaires have paid very little tax even as their fortunes have soared has reignited demands for wealth taxes on both sides of the Atlantic.
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Germany Sets 'Milestone' Gender Quota for Company Boards
The legislation requires many public companies in Germany to have at least one woman on the supervisory board.
Meet the Logo Legends: The Organizers of Brooklyn Liberation
We throw the word "legend" around pretty freely these days, but the Brooklyn Liberation organizers behind last June's action for Black trans lives truly embody it.